The Device

Dr. Watson Dangerfield is a brilliant inventor who devoted his life to cold fusion. His device promises limitless energy for the world. Now Watson has been taken captive and his device set to detonate. Your team of agents has 60 minutes to disarm it!

The Tailgate

Everyone’s waiting for you to join the tailgate party- but you forgot to bring the drinks! You”ll need to raid a friend’s apartment to grab a six pack, but it”s fiendishly hard to find. Hurry! In 60 minutes the game starts and the tailgating will be through.



A new Escape Room Challenge Opening on Brady Street!

We suspect McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Art is a front for a ring of thieves! We need teams of up to 20 agents to sneak in and get proof before you’re caught.


What a Blast

What a fun experience, even if we couldn’t save Milwaukee :-). Highly recommend this unique adventure for everyone of all ages.

Had a GREAT time

We had a team building get together for work and had a fantastic time. We didn’t Save Milwaukee but sure had fun trying. Shlomo is awesome!!

Would HIGHLY recommend

I went to Save Milwaukee with my family and had a fabulous time. It was thrilling, engaging and overall very very well done. We had a fantastic time together and would highly recommend Save Milwaukee to anyone looking for a great night out.

This stressed me Out

I mean, towards the end I could feel my blood pressure rising and my heart racing and my face getting more and more red. But wow – was it ever fun! And we won! We had six people and I don’t know it can be done with less, but I’m sure the game is somehow tweaked. Highly recommend!!

Great Time

I went with some coworkers and we had a great time! It was challenging! A word to the wise- be mindful of every moment you and your team is in the room. Come with really good hearing! This is a wonderfully complex escape room. We loved it and will be back!

What makes Save Milwaukee different?
At Save Milwaukee, you are given a mission to complete, not tasked with escaping a locked room. Our clues are intriguing, fun, and designed to require teamwork. Never grim and gory. At Save Milwaukee, we never put you with strangers- no matter how many agents your group has the room all to yourselves.

Escape Room Games and Missions in Milwaukee

You’ll have to work together to accomplish your mission! Great for a date, party, or fun night out!
You”ll be surrounded by riddles, puzzles, and clues. Maybe even a secret doorway or hidden panel
An exciting, interactive experience. You”ll be immersed in your mission for 60 minutes. Forget about the outside world!
Still have questions? We have the answers.
Will we be paired up with strangers?
No. At Save Milwaukee no matter how many agents are in your group you’ll have the escape room all to yourselves.
Is there an age limit to play / participate in the escape room?
We recommend children be at least ten years old to be able to participate fully in the mission. Children under 14 should also be accompanied by an adult.
Is parking available?
On street parking is available, but please be sure to watch the meters and signs. Weeknights and weekends several private lots offer parking along Water Street. Two blocks to the South, on the corner of Water and Chicago streets, parking is available at the Historic Third Ward parking garage.
What if I'm not good at puzzles?
All sorts of escape room challenges await you. Everyone will contribute.
What if we get stuck and can't figure something out? Do we just sit there the rest of the time and scratch our heads?
Characters in the escape room’s scenario may call, text, or be interviewed on the radio to give hints.
What if I need to change a reservation?
Of course plans can change. We ask that you try to provide a week’s notice, especially for weekend bookings.
Can my group come at a time that's not on the schedule?
Yes, please contact us and let us know when you’d like to come.
Can I reserve both rooms together for a group of 11-18?
Yes! Give us a call at 414-628-5103 for availability and special pricing.
(414) 628-5103