We are now able to offer agents a special coupon for $25 off at the Safehouse. Each team of Save Milwaukee agents will receive one coupon valid for $25 off that day only when you complete your mission at Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms.


The Safehouse is about mid-way between our Third Ward and Brady street locations. For those not familiar, it’s a spy themed bar and restaurant heavily decorated with espionage paraphernalia and spy artifacts which has become a Milwaukee favorite.


The entrance is heavily disguised, but findable with directions from their website. When you arrive a special greeter named Miss Moneypenny will ask you for the password. If you whisper the correct password in her ear you will be granted immediate access, otherwise you’ll need to perform a trick or two to gain entry. (Yes, I do know the password. And no, I feel it’s my obligation not to tell. . .)

The Safehouse will also be distributing a coupon for Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms with customers’ checks. Many fine artists, skilled designers, and talented experts have made their final recommendation as to what picture should be on the back of the coupons. But I can’t decide which is best, so I’m turning to you for help. I copied the top three above, Please comment as to which one you like most. Then that one will be off to the printer (and its designer handsomely rewarded) while the others will be given over to the dustbin of history to ponder what might have been. Please share your thoughts!


Best wishes for happy spying!