On October 12th, we’ll be opening Milwaukee’s newest, biggest, and best escape room. It’s going to be on Brady street.

Here’s the scoop: There’s a new art gallery opening on Brady- but we think it’s a front. They are using a radio device to ping the chips in people’s credit cards when they walk by on the sidewalk to steal their information, and facial recognition software to verify their identities and get their zip codes.

Then they print fake cards and 30 seconds after you pass by they’re off stealing your money. We need teams of agents to sneak in and get proof this is what they’re really doing. But be careful- we can get you in the door, but after 60 minutes the police will come, and if you haven’t found evidence you’ll be the ones in trouble!

Only insiders like you know about this. No one will be able to tell the art gallery is really an escape room just by looking. The business is called Sir Caspian P. McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Arts, and there are no outward signs of what it really is (okay, maybe a few small indications, take a look!).

When you make your reservation, you’ll be given a code to the door’s combination lock so you can sneak in. That’s it. Just sneak through the door and start looking for clues.

This will be one of the largest escape rooms in the world, designed for groups of up to approximately 20 agents. So it’s perfect for sports teams, corporate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, larger birthday parties, clubs and groups, and larger family gatherings.

At McSnooty’s all clues are new- nothing like what you may remember from Save Milwaukee in the Marshall Building. Lots of new technology, and lots of original props you won’t find in anywhere else.

We’ll maintain our policy of private bookings only, so we’ll never mix you with strangers. To make the cost reasonable for different group sizes, instead of charging by the group we’ll charge per person.

We’ll share updates as we continue construction, and we’re looking forward to an exciting opening on October 12th. See you there!