Can I do the same room again? First of all, I want to be clear that we don’t recommend it. Even if the first time you didn’t succeed in your mission, you’ve still found many (or even most) of the clues. So it might sound like a fun idea to come again and succeed for sure, the truth is you probably won’t get as much out of the experience as the first time.


But here’s a situation that happened recently at Save Milwaukee Escape Room, and has come up in the past several times as well. Someone comes to do a room they’ve already been in without realizing it. It might be a surprise outing that was organized by someone else. Sometimes kids are invited to a birthday party at Save Milwaukee even though they’ve already come with their parents. Then, what do you do?


Of course, especially if a lot of time has passed, there will probably be a lot of clues that you don’t recall. It’s okay to participate, particularly regarding things you don’t remember. But here’s what you should keep in mind: It’s also fun to watch people search and try to piece things together, especially if you know the answer but they can’t figure it out.


So don’t spoil things for others. If you remember where a certain item is hidden, how a secret passage opens, or something like that, don’t tell. Pretend you’ve never seen it before and have fun watching your friends stumble about trying to figure it out. Revealing all the secrets would spoil the fun for both you and them.


Keep in mind also that we have two separate escape room detective challenges- The Device and the Tailgate. If you come to Save Milwaukee and realize you’re about to do the one you’ve done before, please speak up and tell us. If the schedule allows it we’re happy to switch your group at the last minute. That way the problem will be solved.