As the holiday gift giving season approaches, I thought to give a few reasons why a gift certificate to an escape room such as Save Milwaukee is a good gift

First, it’s something people can do together over the holidays. We don’t remember sitting around the house with our families- we remember experiences that we share. And when we sit around the house often we hardly interact with one another anyway. The times we remember the best are when we go out together for something fun to do.

A 2014 study by researchers at San Francisco State University found that people who spend money on experiences rather than consumer goods wind up feeling happier and are more likely to believe that the money was well spent. The happiness from purchasing a new object fades quickly but the memory of an experience lasts indefinitely.

When purchasing tickets for a concert or particular event, you have no way of knowing if the recipient will be able to go at that time. Maybe you know they like a particular band, but do you know if they’re going to be scheduled to work the night that band is playing? With a Save Milwaukee gift certificate, they can redeem it for a reservation at whatever time they choose.

Finally, Save Milwaukee gift certificates are easy to buy. All you do is click ‘purchase gift’, and you’ll be able to purchase a gift certificate that you can download to print (or email) instantly. If you’d rather we design and print a gift certificate for you, just call 414-628-5103 and we’ll be happy to mail you a gift certificate instead.

Best wishes for happy holidays!