For years, work groups have seen the benefit of getting together outside the office for fun. Corporate picnics, replete with trust building exercise such as falling backwards into co-workers outstretched arms, have been around for generations.

But according to a recent article in Small Business Trends Magazine, escape rooms have recently become the new trend for corporate team building events. The reason is simple: Their perfect blend of problem solving and interactive fun!

The goal of team building activities is to prod employees to interact in ways they ordinarily wouldn’t in the office. Some employees may rarely talk to one another, even though they work in the same facility. Others may be unwilling to discuss anything except work while in the office. A staid, traditional event like a picnic or trip to the ballpark may not change this much. Employees may still stick with those whom they interact with at the office, and conversation may be the same as at the water cooler or lobby vending machines.

But an escape room forces groups to interact in new ways. Many clues require people to work together, and different people contribute in unexpected ways. Someone recently hired may discover a secret passage and momentarily find themselves in charge. Who knew that the receptionist has such a knack for putting together puzzles? That one of the salesmen knows Morse code?

A team building event is no good if employees roll their eyes and you have to prod and cajole them to do it. But escape rooms are extremely attractive. Here’s the proof: About 2300 have opened up in the United States, mostly all in the last four years!

One of the biggest obstacles in bringing a work group to an escape room is often capacity. Most escape rooms are typically for 8-10 people. What if your group is larger than that?

Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms now operates one of the largest escape room attractions in the world, with a capacity of up to 20 people all at once. It’s located on Brady St, and called Caspian McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Art.

The story is that the art gallery if close to the sidewalk, and we think it’s a front for a ring of credit card thieves who are using a machine to ping the chips inside of people’s credit cards as they walk by outside to steal the numbers. We can get you the code to the door, and you’ll have 60 minutes to scour the gallery for proof before security comes!

Since McSnooty’s is on Brady street, there are plenty of places to go for food or drinks before or after. To schedule your team building event, click here or give us a call at 414-628-5103.