By Greg Makowski

Looking back on my first time in an escape room, and now after working at Save Milwaukee, I’ve come up with a few tips. Here are a few ideas about how to get the most out of your first time in an escape room:

            1. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TAKE APART THE ROOM! – One will quickly learn that escape rooms were meant to be searched through thoroughly. Examine everything in the room carefully – look to see what can be moved, taken down, or put back into place.

            2. SPLIT UP INTO TEAMS – Splitting up into teams amongst your group will allow one to maneuver the room’s clues more quickly. Working together is extremely important. Having one person work on a clue by themselves can sometimes work, but collective minds can be helpful – especially if one person contributes an idea that wasn’t previously considered.

            3. READ EVERYTHING – There are usually hints scattered throughout the room. Reading all text and print within the room will likely provide one with important clues needed to complete the room.

            4. HAVE FUN – Taking from personal experience again, make the most of your escape room adventure! We completed the room when I first went through one, but I was so focused on getting out that I wasn’t entirely concerned with “fun”. Even if you get stuck, don’t stress out about it: focus on having a great time with your group. Create memories that will last a lifetime!

            Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms are open all summer. We have two rooms in the Marshall Building downtown in the Third Ward (“The Device” and “The Tailgate”) and one room on Brady Street in McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Art. Use these following tips to complete one of our escape rooms, and then tell us about your experience!