Usually what I write has to do with the customer experience we offer, but now I’d like to say something about what it’s like to work at an escape room as well.

              First of all, it’s a fun job. People come to Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms to have fun, and so I want staff that genuinely enjoys puzzles, riddles, and clues, and of course also enjoys working with people. Staff should have fun running our detective adventures, because having a good time is contagious, after all.

Two Main Requirements

              There are two main requirements for our staff. The first is attention to detail. I compare resetting a room to working in theatre. When the stage is set for performance, everything has to be done precisely right. You don’t want a situation where an actor reaches into a drawer to pull out a prop that’s supposed to have been stashed there, only to find the drawer is empty! So too we don’t want our agents to figure out a puzzle or open a lock, only to find that whatever that is supposed to reveal hasn’t been properly replaced. So our employees have to be meticulous in resetting the rooms, and double checking with a checklist each time.

              The second requirement is reliability. Of course every business needs employees to be reliable, but for Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms this is even more the case. Because we are a small business, I depend on employees to arrive on time (30-45 minutes before the first scheduled group.) A large retailer has the option of shuffling people around when employees don’t show or call in sick. Walmart or PicnSave can take someone from produce and have them help out at the front end if lines are long and there aren’t enough cashiers. Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms can’t do that- we don’t have multiple departments! Employees need to be reliable in every way.

Now Hiring

Several long-time employees left during the covid downturn, and so now I am looking to add to our staff. This is a part time job, with an emphasis on evenings and weekends, particularly during the school year. Past successful employees have been students or people with full time 9-5 jobs looking for something else on the side. There have also been people doing other flexible, part time work such as uber or door dash looking for a different type of work to round out their schedule.

If you think working at an escape room might be for you, give me a call at (414) 628-5103 and we’ll see if it’s a fit!


Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms