Even when the city allows non-essential businesses to reopen, I’m going to keep the Device and the Tailgate (both located in the Marshall building) closed a while longer. Due to their shared small reception area and relatively small sizes, I’m not sure we can run them safely just yet. However, McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Art escape room on Brady street is a much larger, airy space. Since we text you the door code for you to sneak in and begin your mission on your own, there is no reception area to be concerned with. In addition, here is the procedure I’m going to take to make sure there will be no transmission of the virus between groups or to our staff:

  • At McSnooty’s, the only in-person interaction we have with you is at the end of your mission. We will now wear a KN95 mask when we do this. (I purchased a supply at Ace Hardware, and they are also available from www.norscotppe.com.)
  • After you leave, the first thing we’ll do is sterilize the room with ultraviolet light. I have four high power UV sterilization light bulbs, and we will put these around the room so the light reaches all over. We’ll run the lights for 15 minutes, which is the proper dosage for a room this size. That will remove any germs from the air and most surfaces.
  • Then we’ll reset the room. We’ll also wipe down the main surfaces with Clorox to back up the UV. In addition, here are two more things to make sure everyone is protected:
    • I replaced a few of the items in the room that were hard to clean with items that can be disinfected easily.
    • We’ll have a disinfectant spray and a rag available in the room so that you can clean yourself anything you want to make sure of.

You are of course welcome to wear masks or gloves if you choose. Remember that any distancing between members of your party will be up to you.

I’m looking forward to your missions at McSnooty’s, and to a time when the Device and Tailgate will be able to reopen as well.

With best wishes,

Owner, Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms