That’s a good question. If you’ve done the Device or the Tailgate already, is it still worth it to come back now and do the all new, remodeled Device?

A word of background. Both the Device and Tailgate closed in March 2020 for Covid. I kept them both closed throughout the summer because I did not feel they could be operated safely. The common entrance and waiting room, relatively small space, assorted clues that were difficult to sanitize, and close interaction with our staff meant there was no way to maintain sanitation and distancing.

In July and August I extensively remodeled the entire facility, which included building a new wall and removing another. The Tailgate was eliminated, leaving just the Device. The total area for that room is now much larger. Difficult to sanitize clues were replaced. The small welcome area which did not allow for distancing was done away with. This has transformed the Device is a safe indoor activity that now can be responsibly operated during the pandemic.

So back to the original question. Some clues in the new Device room are new, but many were present in either the original Device or in the Tailgate. So if you did either of these rooms recently, and remember clearly the clues that you found, you will likely have a head start on the new Device.

But- if you did either of these rooms a long time ago, and don’t remember too well what you found, enough is changed and new that it probably won’t make a big difference. I leave judgment about where you fall on this spectrum up to you.

One suggestion. If you’ve done either of these rooms before, but come with a group that hasn’t, if you see something you remember maybe just don’t say anything and let others have the excitement of figuring it out. Afterwards you can say you knew it already, and they’ll believe you.

If you have any more specific questions please let me know.


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