Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms is once again looking to hire. What better place to advertise than here, for current and future agents will see?

I’ll mention in a moment what makes a good Save Milwaukee employee. But first, what’s special about now is that I’m also looking for tour guides for our seven seat bikes.

Seven Seat Bike Tours

In addition to Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms, I also run Milwaukee Seven Seat Bike Tours. These are round, seven seat bikes that everyone pedals and a tour guide steers. We have two tours- The Ghastly History of the East Side Tour, and the Food Tour of the Third Ward and Walker’s Point. The food tour is the one that needs more guides.

Food tours stop at four restaurants to sample their signature dish, while learning about the area’s interesting history as we ride. Guides need to be extremely responsible, friendly, pleasant, and knowledgeable of Milwaukee. But it’s hard to imagine a more enjoyable job- showing guests our city’s finest neighborhoods and taking them out to eat!

What You Need

To work at Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms, you must be able to consistently pay painstaking attention to details. Our rooms need to be reset accurately and completely, every single time. This means between groups you need to test every prop, make sure everything is working, and be certain that everything is exactly where it needs to be. This is absolutely critical to our guests’ experience. It would be a complete let down to discover a secret hiding spot or open a prop only to find that the thing which is supposed to be there is not in place. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Second, you need to have an outgoing personality, with a flair for drama a big plus. People come to escape rooms to be entertained and have a good time, and our master agents (as we call our employees) play a big role in that. Introductions need to be theatrical and engaging. After mission debriefings need to be suitably celebratory when the group succeeds and suitably forlorn if they don’t.

Finally, you need to be responsible. When you’re scheduled to work, we’re counting on you! You need to always arrive in plenty of time to set up and be ready before groups arrive.

Part Time Hours

These are all part time jobs (with most hours evenings and weekends). But particularly during the summer weekday afternoons can be busy as well. You can apply to work at Save Milwaukee or the bike tours only, or some employees do both. Between Save Milwaukee’s locations on Brady street and in the Marshall building and the bikes there are potentially a good number of hours.

If you think this job is for you give me a call at 414-628-5103.

Thinking of Fun,

Shlomo Levin


Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms