I opened Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms about five years ago in the Marshall Building in the Historic Third Ward. I began with two rooms there- The Device and the Tailgate (the Tailgate began as ‘Rig the Election’ then later switched to its current theme.) My thinking was that these two rooms would fill a particular niche- smaller rooms for private groups. Unlike other escape room companies that build rooms for 10-12 people and then mix strangers together to fill them, The Device and The Tailgate are designed for smaller groups specifically.

Then a couple years ago I saw another need. We continuously got requests from larger groups, and there was no escape room capable of accommodating groups of more than 10 or so without dividing them up. So I opened McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Art Escape Room on Brady Street. This is a very large space, and I designed the room with groups of 8-18 in mind. Marketing focused primarily on birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, sports teams, and corporate events.

But unfortunately due to the current health situation things have changed. Out of an abundance of caution I am keeping the Device and the Tailgate closed, since they are small spaces that can be hard to sanitize and they share a common reception area which is difficult to disinfect between groups. McSnooty’s, however, is much larger, has no waiting area since we text you the code to sneak in, and we are able to sterilize the room with UV lights between groups.

In the current health environment, large group outings such as parties, corporate events, and sports teams are also by and large not happening. The most common type of group interested in coming to an escape room today is either a family or group of friends looking for something fun to do.

So I’ve made sure McSnooty’s is set up for families. It’s not a big difference, really, since the room has always been suitable for all ages. I lowered the minimum group size to four, and I devised a prop to assist smaller groups if they aren’t able to activate all the clues. We also adjust the hints a bit for when there are less agents to do the sleuthing.

So if you are looking for a family activity or something to do with friends, give McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Art Escape Room on Brady street a try. Then come back to do the Device and the Tailgate in the Marshall Building when the virus is vanquished soon!

Yours in Sleuthing,


Owner, Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms