If you’re searching for a spooky, scary escape room experience for Halloween, Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms isn’t for you.

It’s true that the escape room industry itself began with a horror sort of theme- being locked in a room from which you have to escape to avoid some type of disaster. And many escape room designers also work on haunted houses, using the same types of props, electronics skills, lighting equipment, and so forth in the escape rooms they construct as are common in haunted houses.

But from the start, Save Milwaukee has been different. All of our escape rooms are quest-based. This means that you have 60 minutes to complete a mission rather than escape a room in which you are locked. And none of our missions or clues are gory, scary, or horror themed.

Of course, some people like scary, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But Save Milwaukee escape rooms are designed to appeal to people for whom that is not to their taste. We try to make our clues happy, cheerful, sometimes humorous, and always fun!

Why Scary is Sometimes Not Good

Also, some people simply don’t like the idea of being locked in a room. And some are worried they may have to leave in the middle- doctors on call, parents worried about their babysitter, etc.  At Save Milwaukee that’s not a problem, you are free to walk out as needed.

Especially in larger groups, these are important considerations. If just one person in the group is upset or uncomfortable because of the surroundings, it can make the whole event stressful and less enjoyable for everyone.

So come the end of October, Save Milwaukee doesn’t partner with haunted houses to offer package deals, and we don’t even put spider webs and skeletons up in our lobby. We don’t run special ads for the Halloween season claiming to be best place to take a Halloween date or for a spooky party.

But that also makes us the right place for corporate team building, sports teams, youth groups, birthday parties, and similar events.

And remember, we’re still open on Halloween, if you like!