A number of people have noticed that on the website we have full availability Christmas eve and Christmas day, and called to ask before making a reservation “are we really open on Christmas?”


I think it’s very considerate when people do this. If the Christmas availability had been a scheduling mistake, it’s thoughtful to not want to take advantage of that and spoil someone’s holiday plans. But the truth is we are open and happy to host groups of agents on December 24th and 25th.


To be clear, I would never ask employees to work on their holiday. I feel strongly that we need to respect one another’s religious and cultural beliefs and practices, and I know how important Christmas is to many people. I wouldn’t want to do anything to upset that. And we were closed Thanksgiving day, for example, so everyone who works at Save Milwaukee could enjoy that time with family.


However, several of us who work at Save Milwaukee do not celebrate Christmas at all. It is not part of our religious upbringing nor part of our families’ traditions. We’re actually kind of stuck on Christmas since everything is closed, and happy to come to work!


So if you celebrate the holiday, I wish you a merry Christmas and perhaps you’d like to come to our escape room during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, when we have many reservations from families hosting guests from out of town. But if you don’t have any particular plans for the 24th and 25th and are looking for indoor excitement and fun, please do come to Save Milwaukee escape rooms. We’re happy to have you and it won’t be any imposition at all.