It’s common for escape rooms to combine groups. Let’s say if a room’s capacity is ten, it’s common to sell four tickets to a group of four, then if another group of four comes along sell them four more, and if two more people show up and want to participate sell them two tickets too. That’s clearly a good way to maximize sales, and ideally it can be a fun way for participants to meet new people besides.


But at Save Milwaukee, we don’t do this. All our bookings are private. Whether you’re a group of six reserving the Device (capacity 10) or a group of four reserving the Tailgate (capacity 8) we won’t add anyone else in with you. In fact, for this reason we don’t ask how many people are in your group when you make your reservation. The number in your group doesn’t change anything for us at all.


So why don’t we mix groups? While sometimes mixing works out well, often it doesn’t. Imagine two couples out together for the evening, leaving the kids behind. What if they’re combined with four teenagers to save Milwaukee from the Device! If you’re hoping for some adult time, getting thrown in with a bunch of teens is certainly not what you’re looking for.


Let’s say this is your first time doing an escape room. What if folks who have done 15 others all around the world also buy tickets for your time slot? They may be intent on finishing as quickly as possible to boast about how fast they could do it, and to do so they push your group aside so they can figure everything out themselves. That’s certainly going to be no fun for a first experience.


Sometimes mixing groups works out well, but often it doesn’t. We want to do everything possible to make sure that everyone who comes to Save Milwaukee has a good time, so we decided on private bookings only. Everything we’ve seen so far with the thousands of agents that have accepted our challenges tells us we’ve made the right choice.