One of the biggest trends we’ve seen these last few months is an increase in corporate groups using our escape room for team building. It’s easy to see why- escape rooms let everyone work together to solve problems and interact in new ways. And of course, while having fun!

All Together or Divide Into Teams

One decision you have to make when scheduling a team building event is whether to set it up for everyone to participate together, or whether it would be better to divide into teams. Everyone together has the obvious advantage of being a shared experienced for the whole group. But dividing up can make it a competition, and for some folks that’s what gets the juices flowing. And if the division is specifically not along job lines- i.e. instead of the sales staff vs the accounting department, half of sales and accounting teamed together against the other half- it can still fulfill the function of mixing employees in new ways.

Sometimes this decision is made based on room capacity. If the total corporate team is more than the escape room’s capacity, then it’ll have to be teams. But at Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms, we have McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Arts, in which you sneak in to find evidence the gallery is really a front for crime. That room has a capacity of 22, nearly double the usual 10-12 (making it one of the largest escape rooms in the world), so if you have a group that size and would like everyone to stay together that’s the place!

We also have the Device (in which you save Milwaukee from doom) with a capacity of 10, and the Tailgate (in which you raid our friend’s fridge to get drinks for a party) with a capacity of 8. We’ve had corporate groups of 8-10 choose to divide into both these adventures, groups of 8-10 do the device all together, and groups of up to 18 divide into both.  A few weeks ago we even had a larger corporate client use all three at the same time.

Central Location

Another attraction of Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms for team building is our central locations near Milwaukee’s restaurants and other entertainment. It’s likely your group will go out for dinner or drinks before or after. McSnooty’s is located on Brady street, surrounded by nightlife. The Device and the Tailgate are in the Third Ward, with bars and restaurants such as Beneleux, the Ale House, and The Wicked Hop right around the corner. Also, when you come to Save Milwaukee you get a coupon for $25/ off at the Safehouse, one of Milwaukee’s most unique eateries, as well.

Unique To Milwaukee

If you’re event includes co-workers from out of town, Save Milwaukee is a particularly good escape room choice. Unlike most others, we are not a franchise or chain. This means that all of our riddles and clues are original, and there’s no chance that anyone has already done the same at home. Also, our adventures are all themed to Milwaukee, and that’s a nice added touch when hosting out of town guests.

We’re open whenever you need us. If your schedule requires a starting time not listed on our website, just let us know and we’ll do whatever we can to adjust for you.

Escape Rooms are great for corporate groups, and Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms are a perfect choice. Let us know when you’d like to schedule your team’s mission!