One thing which makes save Milwaukee different from other escape room attractions in town is that we offer only private bookings. Whereas other escape rooms will mix groups together to reach room capacity, at Save Milwaukee no matter how large or small your group you have the room all to yourselves.

I feel strongly about this because while sometimes mixing groups can work out great, it’s often a recipe for disaster. What if it’s a couple out for a night without the kids mixed in with a birthday party, or a team that’s been to 50 escape rooms around the world mixed with a family that has never done one before?

But then I started thinking, what about folks that are actually looking to mix with new people? Particularly, singles. (Yes, I’m sure being recently divorced myself had something to do with this. . .) What about having a ‘singles night’ at one of our escape rooms? That seems like an easy, low pressure way for people to meet.

Details. . .

I have questions, though, about the details. What’s the right size group? Ten seems like it might be too small, there might just not be enough people. Twenty? That would work perfectly at McSnooty’s Escape Room on Brady street. Should there be a place to get together before? After? Both? That could happen at one of the nearby restaurants.

Singles is such a broad category, it would seem like it would be best to break things down a bit. But how? By age? One event for folks in their twenties, thirties, etc? Is that still too broad? Should I attempt to also filter people by interest, geography, or some other way?

Should I run events like this regularly, let’s say on Sunday nights? Is it okay for people to come multiple times, or would that create a problem of meeting the same people over and over? If you have any ideas or suggestions about this please say so. And if this is a project you’d be willing to work on or help with, please speak up.