All the news about the virus is certainly scary. We’ve already seen the impact on many aspects of life, as travel is curtailed and events where large numbers of people gather are cancelled. It’s understandable to worry, and to try to take precautions against the disease.

Wiping the disarming button for the Device

We Clean

For two reasons, coming to Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms wouldn’t seem to pose a risk. First, we make a major effort to clean surfaces and other places that our agents commonly touch.

More important, the main way the virus spreads is person to person contact. While it may be possible for the virus to be transmitted if a person touches an infected surface and then touches their face, that is uncommon. The main mechanism of spread is direct from one person to another via coughs and sneezes. You can see detailed information on this from the Center for Disease Control.

You’re Never With Strangers

At Save Milwaukee, all bookings are just your group. That means you don’t have to worry about being stuck for 60 minutes in a room with strangers, who may possibly cough and sneeze and spread germs. You’ll be with the same friends and family you spend time with anyway, so there is little difference between coming to Save Milwaukee escape rooms and staying home.

Hoping this current virus crisis turns out to be less severe than feared and that it passes quickly.


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