This week the Tailgate at Save Milwaukee Escape Room is switching from football to baseball (hey, it’s that time of year!) So instead of being invited to a tailgate party at Lambeau field and forgetting to bring the drinks, you’ll be invited to a party at Miller Park. Either way, we’ll let you into our friend Nixon’s apartment so you can raid his fridge and make it back, drinks in hand, before the game starts.


So what difference does this make to you? Here are the details: We change the story and some of the room’s accessories that surround it. But the riddles, puzzles, and clues remain the same. That means it’s the same challenge whether you come during football season or baseball. It also means that if you’ve already done this room during football season, we don’t advise you to repeat it just because now it’s baseball. You’ll already know too many of Nixon’s secrets.


We’ve left the Tailgate set for the Packers until now because it seemed odd to be talking about baseball in January and February (yes, the Packers season was over but the NFL playoffs were still going on. . .) Now that the Brewers’ opening day is around the corner (and we’ve changed the clocks and you can go outside without a coat) it feels like Miller Park tailgating is more appropriate.


And yes, in the fall we’ll switch it back. That’s the rhythm of sports and the seasons.


Happy tailgating everyone!