Exciting news- The Device is now open, bigger and better!

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s taken so long.

When the initial closure ended in late May, I reopened McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Art escape room on Brady Street, but not our Marshall building location. This is because I did not feel that I could operate our Marshall Building location safely due to covid. McSnooty’s is larger, there is only one room, groups sneak in on their own with no interaction with our staff, and the clues are by and large easy to clean. In the Marshall Building, on the other hand, the space is smaller, groups doing the two different escape rooms that were there shared the same entrance area, and some of the clues included small parts that must be examined closely and were difficult to sanitize.

So this summer I decided to make major changes to the Marshall Building facility. Now there is only one escape room there, not two. As has always been our policy, your group will have the room all to yourself, and this way you will not be spending time in a space that was just occupied by others.

There will no longer be a waiting area when you enter. You will receive your mission information via email, and you’ll start your mission immediately when you arrive. The Marshall building lobby is available to wait for your group to gather.

I’ve made many changes to the clues, so that now everything is now easier to sterilize and clean. And as has been the practice at our Brady street location, the entire facility will receive 15 minutes of UVC- sterilization light between each group to destroy any possible virus both on surfaces and in the air.

In addition, the Marshall Building itself installed a plasma air ionization system which makes sure that air recirculated in the building is free of virus. This is one of the most reliable systems available to create safe indoor air.

So, the Device is now open! Come see if you can save Milwaukee from doom. . .

Looking forward to your missions,


Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms

P.S. If you’ve done the Device or Tailgate before, and are wondering if you should try the new Device room, see my blog post here.