Escape rooms are a team activity. In fact, many businesses bring staff to escape rooms as a team building exercise. In order for this to be both a fun and positive experience for everyone, it’s important that everyone in the group play a role in solving the mystery. Here are some tips to help make sure everyone in the group gets involved.

Most escape rooms have lots of riddles and puzzles, and are designed to be too much for any one person to hope to solve in the allotted hour. So the best way to succeed is to divide and conquer. Imagine you’ve looked over a certain area of the room- let’s say a bookcase- and you don’t see anything. Well, you know there’s probably a clue there somewhere. That’s an excellent opportunity to call over someone who doesn’t yet seem engaged. ‘Listen, I’ve looked over this bookcase and I don’t see anything unusual, but there has to be a clue here somewhere. Why don’t you look this over carefully, see what you find?’

Some codes require multiple steps for the solution. For example, to open a combination lock the group may have to discover several different numbers and then add them together to find the code. Once all the numbers are found, one person could take them all and do the addition. But a better way might be for the people who found the component numbers to each call them out, and then another person to do the adding. That gives all the folks who found a number a way to feel good about their contribution, and another person becomes involved by calculating the final code.

Different clues require different sets of skills. Some things may be hidden and you have to search. Some puzzles require creativity and outside the box thinking to come up with the answer. Others involve attention to minute detail. So get everyone in the group to do what they’re good at. If someone likes to do puzzles and sudokus, have them pore over intricate puzzle clues that are difficult to decipher. People who are builders and handymen can search for secret compartments and take things apart to look for hidden clues. Kids may like to do that too.

When everyone gets involved, everyone has a better time. There are clues for everyone at Save Milwaukee Escape Room.