We’re all doing what we must to stop the virus. Of course, being at home day after day can drive us nuts. For that reason, I’m hoping to keep McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Art escape room on Brady street open for groups of up to ten.

McSnooty’s Is Different

As you may know, McSnooty’s is different than most other escape rooms. At McSnooty’s, we text you the code for you to sneak in on your own. That means there is no waiting area or common gathering place before or after. McSnooty’s is a very large, open space (it’s set up like an art gallery) and it is particularly easy to clean. And as has always been our policy, it is just your group- we never mix you with strangers so your group will do the detective challenge on your own.

So to come to McSnooty’s, you’re group or family will simply drive to Brady street, enter with the code we text you to do the adventure, then leave without interacting with anyone else (except for just me or one employee briefly at the end. No handshakes or high fives and we’ll keep a proper distance.) Then I or an employee will reset the room wearing disposable gloves, wipe the commonly touched objects with disinfectant, and be ready for the next group. I believe this is safer than going to the grocery store or nearly any other activity that will have to continue, and serve the valuable purpose of providing a sorely needed fun thing to do.

Even though operating our other two escape rooms in the Marshall Building may not be against the current guidelines, since they are smaller and agents share common areas I’ll keep them closed for the time being.

Special Price

We’ll run McSnoothy’s at the sale price of $22/ person for groups of 6-10 with coupon code ‘staysafe’. This will start tomorrow (3/18), giving us time today to make changes to some of the props and clues easier to repeatedly disinfect.

Finally, as each group that comes during this time I will immediately purchase a $50 gift certificate from a local business that’s been forced to close. While Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms is a small business that is suffering a major blow like everyone else, spending in a way that helps others is a manageable way we can help. Click here to make a reservation.