During the course of your detective adventure, you’ll need to search for clues. And of course, the need is urgent! Either you’ll be saving Milwaukee from doom or getting drinks for a tailgate party to which you absolute cannot show up empty handed. So you should touch everything, turn each object you find this way and that, see if there’s anything hidden, and make sure no clue goes undiscovered.

You might worry about breaking something. I mean, you don’t want to cause damage, and you certainly don’t want to be blamed for causing harm.

The general rule at Save Milwaukee (and I believe most other escape rooms as well) is that if you accidently break something in the course of your looking for clues, it’s our fault, not yours. Everything in the room is designed and built strong enough to withstand being picked up and examined. Feel free to search!

The only way for damage to be your fault is if you try to open something by prying or smashing. Yes, we know there are locked containers that could be shattered by slamming them on the floor and then their contents freely examined. Don’t. Anything locked should open with normal, everyday force when the key or combination is entered correctly. If you’re doing that and its not opening, the reason is most likely that you don’t have the right key or code.

Another thing to bear in mind is that nothing requires extraordinary physical abilities to solve. Lifting heavy objects high up in the air, jumping or climbing to reach high places, and so on wouldn’t be needed. So not doing things like that helps make sure nothing gets broken and is important for safety as well.

Happy sleuthing!