“Our reservation is at six, so what time do we need to arrive?” That’s a question people ask often.

Many escape rooms request that groups arrive fifteen minutes early. As far as I know, there are two reasons for this. The first is to fill out forms and waivers. The second is just to make sure that you’re not late and the game can start precisely on time.

The first issue doesn’t apply too much at Save Milwaukee. We distribute ‘Agent ID cards’ that ask your name and email address, but these only take a moment to fill out.

The second requires a bit of explanation. All escape room businesses operate on a schedule, so groups can reserve times set at regular intervals throughout the day. If one group starts too late, that will impact people with reservations later. That said, we understand that sometimes there’s traffic, people run late, and so forth. So we do our best to accommodate.

At Save Milwaukee we book groups two hours apart. Here’s the way we figure time: It takes about ten minutes for a group to find out their adventure scenario and get started. Then they have 60 minutes for their mission. After that we’ll need 10-15 minutes to celebrate (or find out what went wrong) and take a picture. That’s a total of about an hour and 25 minutes. After that we plan on needing about 15-20 minutes to reset everything for the next group. That’s a total of 1:45. That gives us 15 minutes of cushion before the next group is scheduled to arrive.

So back to the original question, when should you get here? Now you’re ready for the full, detailed reply. There’s no need to arrive more than fifteen minutes early- and if you do it’s likely we’ll still be setting things up and you’ll have to wait in the lobby. If you arrive less than fifteen minutes before your start time that’s usually fine and as long as we’re on schedule we may even be able to start you early. We’d prefer you not arrive late, but if you’re late by less than fifteen minutes we’re usually able to accommodate since we can make that up with the extra time we cushion into the schedule. If you’re more than fifteen minutes late and there’s a group scheduled right after you, we get you going as quick as possible and do our best to make sure you still have a good time.