In May, I reopened McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Art escape room on Brady Street. Our Marshall Building location remained closed until October, because I did not feel confident it could be operated safely without extensive remodeling. Here’s what we’re doing to make sure we’re all safe:

  1. At both our locations, between each group we sanitize the entire room with 15 minutes of special UVC germicidal light (A UVC bulb of the type we use is pictured above). This kills any virus that may linger in the air as well as on surfaces. On Brady street the bulbs are installed permanently in the ceiling, at the Marshall Building they are on stands.
  2. On Brady street you sneak in on your own so at the start of your mission there is no interaction with our staff. For the Device at the Marshall Building the interaction is now minimal. At the end of your mission when we celebrate if you’ve succeeded, see what was missed if not, and take your picture, the interaction is for a short period of time and of course our staff always wear masks.
  3. As has always been our practice, your group will have the room all to yourselves and we never mix you with strangers. Mask wearing and social distancing while you’re in the room yourselves is up to you.
  4. Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer are available if you see anything in the room you would like to clean before you touch it.
  5. We’ve replaced or redesigned clues that were difficult to sterilize and clean.

We all hope the pandemic will soon be behind us. In the meantime, Save Milwaukee escape rooms is a fun, indoor, group activity that we can enjoy safely. Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to your mission!


Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms