There are two factors that determine the maximum group size for an escape room. The first is simple- the size of the room itself. Cramming too many people into a small space is certainly not a recipe for fun. At Save Milwaukee we have two different escape room adventures. The Device is for up to ten, and the Tailgate for up to eight. We decided on these limits based on space.

The second is less obvious but equally important. If the group is too large, everyone may not be able to take part. In the extreme, if the group is super large there may simply not be enough clues for everyone to find some. More subtly, with too many people it’s simply human nature that some will take the lead while others will fade into the background.

So even if someone builds a giant escape room with tons of square footage and space for an entire army battalion to roam around, having such a large crowd come at once wouldn’t be a good idea. If numbers go over about ten the team building and interaction parts of the experience start to suffer. In our experience, 6-10 is the highest number of agents that works well.

Of course, if you have a group of 11-18, at Save Milwaukee we can divide you into our two rooms. (When you book both rooms together we offer a discount also- reservations for both rooms at the same time should be made by phone, when you call ask!)

Remember also at Save Milwaukee all our bookings are private. Even if you’re a group of just two, we won’t combine you with anyone else. And even though there might be a max, there is no minimum number!