Many Escape Rooms post a success rate- what percentage of groups win or escape. Some even have a leaderboard on which they post the fastest times. At Save Milwaukee we’ve decided not to do that. We do not have a leaderboard, and we do not keep track of what percent of groups succeed at their mission.

The reason we don’t is that our primary goal is to make sure that each team of agents is engaged with the mission and has fun. Sometimes keeping track of these statistics would conflict with this.

Here’s an example. Let’s say your group gets stuck. We have our ways (don’t ask!) of helping you get on track. Maybe a particular group gets stuck a number of times and gets repeated assistance. Then they succeed! Should we allow them to go on the leaderboard? Then another group goes through at a steady pace with no assistance whatsoever and comes up just one clue short. Is that fair? In our view for this reason any success rate or leaderboard would not give an accurate picture of the difficulty of the room.

And why should groups compare themselves to one another anyway? We host birthday parties, bachelorette parties, corporate groups, families, reunions, sports teams and more. We host groups that have been to dozens of escape rooms before and groups for whom this is their first time. Should we make a leaderboard for each category? A leaderboard for birthday parties ages 14 and under? Corporate team building groups that have done 0-2 escape rooms before?  Teams of college students in which at least half the agents have been to 3+ escape rooms before? There’s no limit, and there’s no point.

The purpose of going to an escape room is to have a fun, memorable experience with your friends, family, or co-workers. That’s Save Milwaukee’s only focus.