Coaches know it’s a good idea to schedule a few events for your team off the court or away from the field. Whether it’s a team bonding event at the beginning of the season or a celebration at the end, a fun group experience away from sports is an important part of having a successful season. Here are a few reasons why Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms is the perfect activity for your team:

  1. Different roles– In an escape room everyone can play a different role than they do on the field. The kid who only plays when the score is lopsided may be the one to spot the door to a secret room or figure out the code to open a lock. An escape room gives a chance for less talented athletes to be the stars.
  2. No worries about weather– An escape room is indoors, so no worrying about weather. Lots of planning goes into putting a team event together- you have to find a day on the calendar when there is no game, practice, or competing school event, organize transportation, notify parents, etc. And then what if it rains! Do you really want to have to risk cancelling and having to reschedule, if it’s even possible to find another open date to reschedule on? With an escape room there’s no worry, we’re open rain or shine.
  3. Lots of places to eat– You’ll probably want to combine your activity with food before or after, and close to both of our locations you can find the kind of food your team will like right next door. In the Third Ward, we’re right across the street from Shake Shack, which is always popular. Within a block or two you can get burgers at the Ale House or the Wicked Hop. If you want to just do dessert Purple Door Ice cream and My Yo My frozen yogurt are nearby. And we’re just a block from the Public Market where everyone can choose food to their liking. At our Brady street location you can walk to Subway or Jimmy Johns for something simple, or Dorsia or Harry’s if you’d like it a bit more upscale. And check out Fro Zone ice cream rolls for dessert.
  4. Up to 20 together– At whatever outing you choose, you’ll want your whole team to share the experience together. McSnooty’s Gallery of Fine Art Escape Room on Brady street is the largest there is- up to 20 agents can participate together. In the Third Ward, The Device is for up to 10 agents and the Tailgate up to 8. You could divide your team into two groups, and they can compete with each other, half doing the Device and the other half the Tailgate. Either way they’ll be sharing a memorable, bonding experience. Remember that while in the tailgate room the team is raiding to get drinks from our friend’s fridge, for groups under 21 we make sure the fridge is stocked with soft drinks.

You can make a reservation online, or give me a call at 414-628-5103. If you’d like to book the Device and the Tailgate together call so I can adjust the schedule for them both to start at the same time.

Looking forward to hosting your team!


Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms