The Device

Dr. Dangerfield’s Fusion Device

To harness the fusion of hydrogen to helium is the holy grail of science. In nature this occurs only at extreme temperature and pressure, such as what’s found inside the core of the sun. Dr. Watson Dangerfield is a brilliant scientist who devoted his life to cold fusion. He finally succeeded, and built a fusion device that promises endless energy for the entire world. Now the doctor has been taken captive, and his fusion device set to explode!

Your team of agents has 60 minutes inside Dr. Dangerfield’s private quarters to gain access to the disarming button on make it work! Detonation will spell Milwaukee’s doom. The fate of our city rests on you.

The more agents the lower the per person price:

Groups of 10-  $18/ person

Groups of 9- $20 person

Groups of 8 $22/ person

Groups of 7- $24/ person

Groups of 6- $26 person

Groups of 5- $28/ person

Groups of 4- $30/ person

Groups of 3- $33/ person

If you’re not sure how many people are coming when you make your reservation, just take a guess and we’ll adjust the price when you arrive.

No matter how many agents are in your group, you’ll always have the adventure all to yourselves!

No Strangers

Cards clue
We don’t pair you with strangers and hope for the best. You’ll get to enjoy your experience with people you choose to take on your mission. Your group will have the mission all to yourselves.

Historic Third Ward

Save Milwaukee Escape Room laser clue
Save Milwaukee is downtown in the Historic Third Ward, close to Milwaukee’s best restaurants, bars, and other entertainment.

Save Money

Save Milwaukee Escape Room letters clue
The more people you bring, the less you pay per person. Much cheaper than other escape room attractions.