An Exciting New Escape Room Challenge Opening on Brady Street!

We suspect that this art gallery is really a front for a ring of credit card thieves. They ping the chips in the cards of unsuspecting people as they pass by on Brady to get the card numbers and use a camera to verify victims’ identities and get zip codes.

Your Mission

To get evidence, we need you and your team of agents. We’ll text you the code to get in the door, and once your inside you’ll have 60 minutes before the alarm sounds. Warning: When the hour goes by and the alarm goes off if you don’t have evidence against McSnooty you and your teams will be the ones in trouble!

What Makes McSnooty’s Different?

Up to 20 Agents!

McSnooty’s is huge– Room for up to 20 agents! That means large groups can stay together. One of the biggest escape rooms in the U.S.

Break In Yourself!

No introductions or speeches. We’ll text you the code for the door and you’ll sneak in on your own right off Brady street!

All New Clues!

All New puzzles, riddles, and clues. If you’ve been to Save Milwaukee, see if you’re up to this next challenge!

Perfect for:

Corporate events and team building

Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties


Sports Teams

Family Gatherings

Any group interested in fun!

On Brady Street

Located at 1220 E Brady street, next to bars, restaurants, and entertainment!

Opening in September!

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