Our Story

Learn more about how Save Milwaukee got its start, from being one of the first escape rooms in Milwaukee to opening one of the largest escape rooms in the world.

While traveling I visited escape rooms in other cities and had a great time. I thought Milwaukee needs one! So I began building Save Milwaukee in the fall of 2014.

Many escape rooms are national chains, but I didn’t want that. The goal was to make things a little bit different. For example: 

  • No getting locked in a room. At Save Milwaukee no one is ever locked in.
  • Everything is themed to Milwaukee. Our story lines are connected to our city and aren’t transplanted from anywhere else.
  • Private bookings only. Other escape rooms sell individual tickets and then team you up with people you haven’t met when they arrive. At Save Milwaukee no matter the size of your group you always have the room all to yourselves.


Once the Marshall Building location was finalized, work began. The entire suite where Save Milwaukee is housed was formerly an art gallery with all open space. All internal walls were specially constructed and designed. That was also the opportunity to integrate the architecture into Save Milwaukee’s design. Hundreds of yards of wiring are hidden inside the walls, along with xxyrxxysysy top secret electronic components.

Furnishings and equipment were gathered from wide and far: I spotted one particularly large and bulky item and purchased it from an antique store in South Beloit, then hauled it by trailer. Items were express delivered from Russia, China, and Hong Kong. One particularly heavy item only made it up onto the loading dock of the building due to the kind help of a construction crew building the nearby Kimpton Hotel. They sent a skid loader to our rescue.

‘The Device’ opened in the fall of 2015, followed by ‘Rig the Election’ shortly thereafter. Once the election was rigged for real actually took place in November 2016, the Tailgate took over.

Now that thousands of agents have come through, my focus is to always keep making better. But one thing I’m not going to do- open branches in any other cities. Save Milwaukee will remain Milwaukee’s own.

Best wishes, and hope to see you in the Marshall Building!

Shlomo Levin