The Tailgate

Save Milwaukee Escape Room tailgate winners

The Tailgate

You’re invited to a tailgate party, and you and your friends are supposed to bring the drinks. But you show up with nothing. No coolers, no boxes, no bags. What are you going to do? You’re empty handed and the game starts in an hour!

We have an offer. Our good friend Nixon Norris keeps his fridge always stocked, and he’s out of town. We’ll let you into Nixon’s apartment for you to raid his fridge and bring everything in it to the game, then we’ll restock it before he comes home!

The only thing is, it turns out Nixon isn’t quite so willing for strangers to make off with what’s in his fridge. In fact, it’s locked and the key is nowhere to be seen. You’ll have 60 minutes to solve puzzles, riddles and clues if you want to make it to the party with drinks in time.

The more people, the lower the price!

For 8  $18/ person

For 7  $20/ person

For 6  $22/ person

For 5  $24/ person

No matter what size your group, you’ll always have the room all to yourselves

No Strangers

We don’t pair you with strangers and hope for the best. You’ll get to enjoy your experience with people you choose to take on your mission. Your group will have the mission all to yourselves.

Historic Third Ward

Save Milwaukee is downtown in the Historic Third Ward, close to Milwaukee’s best restaurants, bars, and other entertainment.

Save Money

The more people you bring, the less you pay per person. Much cheaper than other escape room attractions.